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Veteran-owned distillery uses new Forte bottle for military-inspired spirits

Veteran-owned distillery uses new Forte bottle for military-inspired spirits, Hotel Tango, Owens-Illinois, O-I, Asia packaging
US -
As they searched for the right package for their spirits, American artisan distiller Hotel Tango found the new Forte bottle offered by Owens-Illinois (O-I) to be a perfect match for their unique identity and for their small but growing business needs.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, the distillery was founded in 2013 by Marine Corps veteran Travis Barnes, his wife, Hilary, and a small group of friends. They use high-quality local ingredients such as Indiana-grown corn, and have the distinction of being the first disabled veteran-owned distiller in the US.

As a start-up distillery, the Hotel Tango team ran into challenges with the minimum order and lead time requirements of the first glass packaging supplier they contacted. So they turned to O-I's Covet Classics collection of timeless bottle designs. This collection offers speed-to-market and the convenience of ordering as little as a pallet at a time, without sacrificing premium design and appearance.Veteran-owned distillery uses new Forte bottle for military-inspired spirits, Hotel Tango, Owens-Illinois, O-I, Asia packaging

The timing was right for Hotel Tango products to be among the first to use the Forte bottle, which O-I introduced in February 2015 as a modern take on their classic Kaleido design. Forte's updated silhouette and taller, prouder shape create a more pronounced vertical canvas to take brand identities to a higher level.

All of Hotel Tango's spirits are packaged in 375 and 750 ml Forte and Kaleido bottles from O-I.
"Everybody who has seen the Forte design is immediately attracted to it and bartenders like the way it feels," Barnes said.

Barnes said the flexibility and scalability available through O-I's Covet Classics(TM) collection appealed to the Hotel Tango team.

"It's good to know that we can place smaller, quicker orders now, and that we have the support and reliability of a leading global glass packaging manufacturer as we grow," he said.

Covet Classics is part of O-I's Covet line, a collection of luxury glass packaging products and services. Covet Classics bottles are available in a variety of sizes and can be modified with embossing, coatings, labels and closures (bar top, screw top and decanter-style) for a distinguished look. Covet also offers design services to create custom looks for customer brands.

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