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Casserole-style plastic trays enhance new ready meals

Casserole-style plastic trays enhance new ready meals, RPC Group, RPC Bebo Plastik, RPC Barrier Containers, Gendreau Group
Leading French ready meal producer Gendreau Group and its subsidiary VIF, has launched a range of high quality ‘country style’ ready meal recipes in a new thermoformed barrier plastic tray in the style of a casserole dish.

RPC Bebo Plastik in Bremervorde led the six month project in partnership with the Gendreau development and marketing teams, and RPC Barrier Containers manufactured the thermoformed barrier plastic tray.

To mimic the look of a casserole dish, the dual-coloured trays - which are produced in a multilayer PP/EVOH/PP structure to give the products an extended ambient shelf life of 12 months - have been designed with a red exterior and a black interior. The trays have a capacity of 350g as opposed to the more traditional market standard 300g to provide a larger family-size portion.

The casserole meals will be sold under the La Cuisine d’Océane brand – the second largest French ready meal brand in the microwaveable tray sector - following a €100,000 investment in the development of the project.

The three varieties in the range - Charolais beef and carrots in sauce, Montbéliard sausage and vegetable hotpot and Aveyron and Ségala veal Marengo – were initially launched at the Monoprix retail chain; the ready meals are now being distributed to other major supermarket chains.

Nicolas Grange, Area Sales Manager for RPC Barrier Containers, said, “This has been a great opportunity to work with the Gendreau Group in the development of this exciting new brand.

“The containers are a very good example of the innovative styles of plastic packaging that can be created for brand owners to enable products to have stand-out appeal on shelf.”

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