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Iggesund calls on designers to participate in packaging design project

Iggesund calls on designers to participate in packaging design project, Iggesund Paperboard, Asia packaging, Sweden, paper packaging
Swedish paper and paperboard manufacturer Iggesund Paperboard is challenging designers from around the world to improve existing consumer packaging.

Iggesund is asking designers to examine common consumer packaging made of plastic, glass or tin that could be re-designed to a paperboard or a paperboard plus barrier package.

Participants can submit their design solution and proposed package, including an estimation of the environmental impact of the transfer from the old packaging to the revised solution.

“Every day we all see examples of packaging that could be improved by a better choice of materials or a better design,” explains Staffan Sjöberg, who is in charge of the project at Iggesund Paperboard. “Now we’re giving designers all over the world the chance to contribute their ideas on how to replace packaging made of glass, plastic or metal with solutions that use paperboard.”

He stresses that Iggesund is not looking for inexpensive ideas which can be put into commercial use. Instead, the aim is to get a picture of how global designers as a collective group believe they can steer packaging development in a more sustainable direction.

“We will not claim any commercial rights to the ideas that come in,” Sjöberg says. “We’re just interested in getting a snapshot of how designers believe they can improve the packaging they see in the shops they visit on a daily basis. We want to publish the ideas and maybe reproduce some of them in physical form but we are not interested in exploiting them commercially.”

Iggesund is implementing this project through American crowdsourcing company Crowdspring, which says the collaboration is an unusual project; normally the online marketplace’s services are used when someone wants either a number of inexpensive design proposals or a wide range of ideas.

“This is an unusual reason for initiating a project with us,” comments Mike Samson, who is coordinating the project with Iggesund. “But we believe its combination of sustainability and innovative thinking will attract many of the thousands of designers listed in our database.”

A jury consisting of Iggesund marketing people, an experienced application specialist from Iggesund and an editor of a packaging magazine will evaluate the entries. The three best ideas will be awarded with US$1500 , and also be presented in Iggesund corporate media and press releases.

For more information on the project, visit here.


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