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Packaging jar communicates the essence of luxury skincare brand

Packaging jar communicates the essence of luxury brand, Dr Pierre Ricaud, Yves Rocher Group, RPC Bramlage, Asia packaging
The latest innovation in anti-ageing products from Dr Pierre Ricaud, part of the Yves Rocher Group, is using a special jar to help convey the product’s luxury premium image.

The Essence de Beauté Indulgence Body Balm from Dr Pierre Ricaud is a “genuine anti-ageing product specifically designed to activate five keys to a younger skin, while treating the skin with a bewitching and irresistible nectar texture.”

To reflect the indulgent feel-good nature of the product, the brand decided to use the Diamond Jar from RPC Bramlage’s standard range.

The injection moulded double walled 150ml Diamond Jar features a highly transparent outer layer, manufactured in Styrolux, complemented by a coloured inner layer in polypropylene. This eye-catching high quality appearance is continued with a metallised PP lid.

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