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New peel and share pack format for snack food packaging

New peel and share pack format for snack food packaging, Seabrook Crisps, Macfarlane Labels, Asia packaging, UK
UK -
Yorkshire-based Seabrook Crisps to launch an innovative, easy open & re-closeable labelling system for a new range of lattice hand cooked crisps.

Provided by re-sealable labels specialist Macfarlane Labels, the new crisp packs are the first design of their type in the snack market and have been created to allow crisp packets to be opened simply and shared easily whether in a café, the office or travelling, and then resealed to maintain the freshness.

The unique resealable label is being launched initially with 40g packs of Seabrook’s lattice range of crisps.
Clive Jackson, Sales Director of Macfarlane Labels, said, “We know that one of the most important issues facing consumers is the ability to open and close packs – especially in the snacks market, where they might not want to consume all the contents at once.

“Macfarlane’s Reseal-it system solves this issue neatly, making Seabrook’s lattice crisps easy to open, share and reseal, keeping their crisps fresh until the last one’s gone.” New peel and share pack format for snack food packaging, Seabrook Crisps, Macfarlane Labels, Asia packaging, UK

Seabrook Crisps Marketing Director, Kevin Butterworth, said, “Often, the best ideas are the simplest and we’ve invented a peel and share pack format that shoppers will love, because the product is more adaptable and enjoyable to use.

“Whilst the packets can also be opened in the conventional way like the standard bags, the re-sealable peel front is a simple and convenient serving solution that complements the premium position of our new lattice cut range, providing even more appeal for our target audience.”

Macfarlane’s Reseal-it solution is an easy open, re-closable labelling system, which allows consumers to easily open products and reseal them again, without the fuss of cling film or storage containers. This ensures freshness and pack integrity whilst helping to prolong the life of the food product resulting in less food waste.  Macfarlane Labels also provides Reseal-it solutions for other leading brands across the UK, Europe, US and Canada on packs containing sliced meats, cheese, biscuits and cookies where consumers value the ability to open and re-seal the packs again and again. The Reseal-it product is now used by a range of customers on more than 170 million packs a year.

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