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Robust airless dispenser for athletic male skincare range

Robust airless dispenser for athletic male skincare range, RPC Bramlage-Wiko, Reactiv Bodycare, Asia packaging, UK
UK –
A new premium skincare brand specifically developed for the athletic male is now available in packaging that features an airless dispenser with excellent functionality to meet the practical needs of the active men.

The Reactiv Bodycare range has been created to meet the particular needs of those who exercise regularly.

Among their unique properties, the products feature a rapid absorption gel technology, and are multifunctional, with broad spectrum UV screens, and antibacterial and antioxidant qualities, as well as nourishing the skin with vital dermal vitamins A, C and E.  The first three launch products are for facial skincare: a Moisturising Gel, Zero-Breakout Hydrating Gel, and a Booster Hydrating Gel.

The unique Twist Up airless dispenser from RPC Bramlage-Wiko has been selected for the Reactiv Bodycare range because of its excellent functionality with hygienic no-mess dispensing and effective product protection. 

The upper part of the container turns to reveal the dispensing head for fast, convenient access to the product and controlled accurate dosing.  In addition, the dispenser closes in the down position to protect the contents.

Airless technology helps to preserve the natural ingredients to ensure the products remain fully effective throughout their usage.  The 50ml pack size is also airline-friendly and can be carried in hand luggage.

“Reactiv is the first range of premium male grooming products in the UK specifically designed for the athletic man who is serious about sport, physical well-being, and looking and feeling good,” explains Reactiv founder James Gillespie.

“We therefore needed a practical, robust and good-looking pack that would help to emphasise the brand’s uniqueness in the market.  The Twist Up range has exactly fulfilled our requirements.”

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