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Unilever extends Wall's & Lipton brands for refreshing Thai tea

Unilever, packaging design, Wall’s ice cream, Lipton Tea, Bluemarlin
Unilever has united the forces of two of its biggest brands, Wall's Ice Cream and Lipton Tea to offer a fresh new treat for Thai ice tea lovers, with a packaging design that communicates the product’s strong, vivacious personality.

Ice tea is immensely popular throughout Southeast Asia, with many convenience stores carrying the Lipton brand. Seeing an opportunity to shake up this established category, Unilever brought together two household names to create an innovative and exciting new way of hydrating: Wall’s Lipton Crush – a freezie tube from Wall’s with all the flavours of Lipton Ice Tea.

International branding agency Bluemarlin was tasked with creating a design solution from the Lipton Crush packaging that integrated the Wall’s and Lipton brands whilst delivering the single-minded message of ‘natural and refreshingly good’. To accomplish this, the brand needed to embrace a strong, vivacious personality and appear more indulgent than its competition.

Unilever, packaging design, Wall’s ice cream, Lipton Tea, BluemarlinBluemarlin’s vibrant and fresh pack design features the bright colours of juicy fruits and fresh tea leaves alongside the two recognisable masterbrand logos. The energetic packaging brings Wall’s and Lipton’s brands into equilibrium and provides appetite appeal for this refreshing new product.

Aparna Sundaresh, brand director at Unilever, commented, “Bluemarline has created a pack design that successfully reflects the brand’s bright personality and provides a platform for extending the range in the future.”

“It’s fantastic to continue our global partnership with Unilever on a regional basis,” said Tim Arrowsmith, director of bluemarlin Singapore. “To collaborate with two super brands like Walls and Lipton on a summer innovation like Wall’s Lipton Crush is just the beginning of more interesting and diverse brand collaborations we’ll sure to be seeing in the future.”

Wall’s Lipton Crush was launched this summer in Thailand.

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