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Urban gardening for everyone with innovative packaging concept

Urban gardening for everyone with innovative packaging concept, DS Smith, Rafael Schwarzmann, Asia packaging, UK
UK –
The simple pleasure of having fresh mushrooms at home is now a possible reality with a ready-made packaging system made out of corrugated cardboard which allows for the simple cultivation and consumption of fresh gourmet mushrooms at home out of a box.

A unique packaging solution from DS Smith in cooperation with its customer Rafael Schwarzmann, the basic design of the Pilzbox is a folding box structure with an integrated crash-lock base. This has been modified with a carry handle and an integrated removable compartment for the spray bottles included.

Thanks to a hole slot the box can be easily attached to the wall with a nail. The perforated opening on the front side serves the daily mushroom moistening with water. Due to its special structure the packaging guarantees up to three harvest cycles. Urban gardening for everyone with innovative packaging concept, DS Smith, Rafael Schwarzmann, Asia packaging, UK

The Pilzbox is made of recyclable corrugated cardboard, which has been printed with solvent-free dyes using the flexoprinting process.

The ready for use packaging concept for the cultivation of oyster mushrooms allows the consumer to cultivate gourmet mushrooms by the simplest of means and without any prior experience at home, out of a box and to consume them fresh.

Organic or Fairtrade coffee grounds as well as filler such as straw and sawdust are used as a cultivation foundation. After completion of the cultivation cycles the remaining substrate can be put to excellent use as dung or additional soil in your own garden, while the packaging is added to the recycling cycle.

“With the practical all-in-one packaging, DS Smith has succeeded in creating an entirely ecological lifestyle product,” said the UK-based packaging converter.

“The user-friendly packaging solution makes urban gardening possible for everyone. Natural resources are hereby conserved, long transportation routes avoided and high-quality food is produced from so-called 'waste'.”


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