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Margarine pack keeps the customer interested

Margarine pack keeps the customer interested, RPC Superfos, Mills DA, Asia packaging, Norway
To maintain and increase customer interest and loyalty in its margarine brands, Norwegian company Mills DA recently launched a new sleek updated pack with the help of RPC Superfos.

Products from Norwegian Mills support a healthy lifestyle. Its margarines, including Soft Flora - mainly containing Nordic canola oil - and Vita hjertego’ – made from sunflower and canola oil, have very little saturated fat, a delicious flavour and are spreadable directly from the fridge.

The re-launch of these Mills products in a bespoke improved packaging solution from RPC Superfos recognises the fact that the margarine business is a competitive one that also demands continuous development in terms of its packaging, as Ole Kristian Vestbekken, Senior Packaging Consultant at Mills, explains.

“With the new packaging we have successfully created a strong family image on shelf for Vita hjertego’ and Soft Flora – each in three sizes. All varieties have the same visual expression,” says Vestbekken.

“We are very pleased with the result. The pack is easy to recognise, which strengthens the relation between our products and our customers. We have created a distinctive character for Soft Flora and Vita hjertego’ margarine, leaving no doubt about who the brand owner is.”

Mills paid particular attention to the design of the lid so that customers get a perfect example in terms of both looks and functionality. The artwork signals softness and natural ingredients. The decoration and graphic finish have been made possible thanks to in-mould labelling – even at the rim – leaving room for a message to the customer on the indentation of the lid, for example choose heart-wise and spreadable.

“The quality of the lid is very important. We chose a tight and strong snap-on lid that will not crack even after frequent use,” says Vestbekken.

A team from Mills and an external industrial designer worked with RPC Superfos to create the new packaging solution, which is injection moulded in polypropylene.

“It has been a perfect development project run by the book,” concludes Vestbekken. “We have worked very closely with RPC Superfos, shared ideas and executed the best of them.”

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