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Sustainable coffee goes retro

Sustainable coffee goes retro, Doi Chaang Coffee Company, Fluid Creative, Asia packaging, Canada
Doi Chaang Coffee Company, a Canadian company that partners the farmers of the Akha Hill Tribe of Northern Thailand, recently rebranded and packaged its new coffee blends with a focus on sustainability while highlighting the source of its products.

Working with Vancouver-based design agency Fluid Creative, Doi Chaang worked on developing a new brand logo for its new coffee blends, as well as offering its customers more variety.

"We are very passionate about the fact our materials can be recycled and break down in a landfill, especially because we're living in a time where single-serve is on the rise and waste is as well,” explained Doi Chaang.

Sustainable coffee goes retro, Doi Chaang Coffee Company, Fluid Creative, Asia packaging, Canada“We wanted to provide the customer with that single-serve option, as long as it was sustainable. Fluid's gorgeous designs surrounding the boxes and the cups represent those goals.”

The resulting packaging design is Doi Chaang’s Keurig-compatible, 90% biodegradable aroma cups, supported by natural cardboard packaging to reflect the product’s sustainability message, as well as retro graphics that highlight the people of the Akha Hill Tribe.

Instead of going fully down the route of conventional sustainable design cues with complete earthly tones, Fluid Creative stopped at the natural cardboard and enhanced it with a trendy, two-tone color scheme for each coffee flavour: Hardwired and Social Medium.

“Bright aqua blues and yellows along with retro graphics and an homage to the company's roots bring the brand story full circle,” concluded Doi Chaang.

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