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PepsiCo develops new Quaker Oats nutrition range specifically for the Philippines

PepsiCo develops new Quaker Oats nutrition range specifically for the Philippines, PepsiCo, Quaker Oats, Asia packaging, Philippines
PepsiCo has introduced a new range of instant porridge products across the Philippines that has been specially tailored to meet local consumers’ needs.

The Quaker Instant Oats Caldo range was developed in Asia for the Philippines and PepsiCo says it is “the latest example of our innovation machine at work”.

This convenient new porridge - packed with a variety of multigrains, including wholegrain oats, brown rice, wholegrain wheat and Jasmine rice – is available in two flavours: Chicken Mushroom and Beef & Carrot, and can be consumed for breakfast or as a snack.

Quaker Instant Oats Caldo is an example of how brand owners are increasingly paying more attention to the needs of local consumers in individual Southeast Asian countries and tailoring products specifically for them, instead of just selling generic products across the Asian region – an indication of the importance of the Southeast Asian consumer to the bottomline.

While Arroz Caldo – a type of rice porridge or gruel - is a local favourite in the Philippines, PepsiCo says research has shown that consumers find it difficult and time-consuming to prepare. In response to these issues, PepsiCo has packaged Quaker Instant Oats Caldo in convenient sachets; consumers need only add hot water and the product is ready to eat.

“Quaker is a global brand that has been nourishing families for over 135 years,” said Maricelle Narciso, General Manager, PepsiCo Philippines.  “In the Philippines, we are now delighted to launch this latest product innovation which is specially tailored to the tastes of Filipino consumers, providing a nutritious, convenient and healthy option that will keep Filipinos going throughout their busy day.”


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