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King Oscar finds a new opening for its mackerel can

King Oscar finds a new opening for its mackerel can, King Oscar, Ardagh, Asia packaging, Norway
One of the world’s leading canned fish brands has enhanced its popularity by adding an advanced opening solution to its relaunched mackerel can.

Norwegian seafood firm King Oscar recently chose Ardagh’s Easy Peel aluminium can end as an important convenience feature of its new aluminium can.

Developed by Ardagh – a Luxembourg-based producer of glass and metal packaging products - as an entirely new and improved approach to can openability, Easy Peel comprises a metal ring on which an aluminium foil is heat sealed. The consumer has a safer and quicker means of opening the can, with a drastically reduced risk of spattering its contents. It is also 50% lighter than a standard end.

King Oscar’s new can is produced at Ardagh’s metal facility in Moëlan, France.

King Oscar made the decision to add the genuine Easy Peel packaging to its branded portfolio as a way to establish new standard on the markets they deliver their products,” explained Patrick Savouré, Commercial Director, Seafood, Ardagh Group’s metal division.

“When we demonstrated the added value of our Easy Peel component, they quickly recognized the benefits. The brand is also breaking new ground as the first rectangular can to feature Easy Peel in the Norwegian market, which gives it, along with the striking new design, added differentiation.”

“Consumer reaction has, we understand, been very enthusiastic, and we are particularly pleased that the can is already being shortlisted for packaging awards, “ he added.

The new can has proved so successful for King Oscar that it is being launched with two new designs in the United States.

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