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Rhubarb Gin with a regal packaging design

Rhubarb Gin with a regal packaging design, Bluemarlin, Warner Edwards, Asia packaging, UK
UK –
The packaging design for the latest addition to the Warner Edwards portfolio, Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin, is a sophisticated tale of the spirit’s royal background.

The rhubarb, which once grew in the gardens of Buckingham Palace during Queen Victoria’s reign, is what makes this gin special. Over the course of the last century the rhubarb plant has found its way to Warner Edwards’ Northamptonshire distillery from the royal allotment via the President’s official residence in Dublin.

UK-headquartered design agency Bluemarlin’s task was to create a design that told the regal story behind gin while also aligning it with Warner Edwards’ existing portfolio.

The design takes inspiration from the Penny Black, the world’s first adhesive postal stamp, which features the profile of Queen Victoria as it was first issued in 1840. Using the stamp’s black, grey and white colour palette, the charming design includes a portrait of Her Royal Highness surrounded by the leaves of her rhubarb plant.

“Warner Edwards is one of our favourite brands to work on and its fantastic success constantly inspires us,” said Bluemarlin UK’s Managing Director Marshall Ward. “It’s really rewarding to see this brand grow and blossom.”

Warner Edwards co-founder Tom Warner added, “This gin is a true reflection of what Warner Edwards is all about – British provenance, a great story and top quality ingredients. We still can’t believe that we’re distilling our gin with royal rhubarb. If it’s good enough for Queen Victoria, it’s good enough for us!”

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