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Innovative carton bottle for fairtrade juice

Innovative carton pack for fairtrade juice, Hero Group, SIG Combibloc, Asia packaging, Netherlands
Dutch company Hero, part of the Swiss based Hero Group, is now packaging its newly introduced ‘Hero’ Fairtrade juices in combidome from SIG Combibloc.

The innovative carton bottle, which pairs the best features of a bottle with the best features of a carton pack, has already won multiple high-profile international packaging and design awards.

“When exacting quality standards, technical expertise and attention to detail come together, something very special is created,” says Ralf Wijnveldt, Channel Marketeer at Hero.  “Consumers experience this every single day when they drink our ‘Hero’ juices.

“The standards we set for ourselves are the same ones we demand from the packaging in which our products are put on the market.”

For that reason the company, founded in 1914 with offices in Breda, has now opted for the combidome carton bottle from SIG Combibloc. The juices with 100% fruit and Fairtrade ingredients are now available in the Netherlands in combidome 1,000 ml, in Orange, Apple and Multifruit flavours.

Wijnveldt explains, “The prize-winning combidome carton bottle gives our ‘Hero’ products not just optimal protection, but a fitting, interesting face as well.

“We’re committed to keeping up traditions, but we also aim to move with the times and set the benchmark when it comes to outstanding quality – so we’re on the right track with combidome”.

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