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Airless dispenser for new foundation packaging

Airless dispenser for new foundation packaging, Yonwoo, Quadpack, Natio, Asia packaging Australia
Local skin car and cosmetics brand owner Natio has launched two new foundations in an upgraded airless dispenser to offer consumers a better user experience.

Natio's Invisible Blend Foundation provides a medium, weightless 'second skin' coverage that mimics the look and feel of your own skin. Natio's full coverage Flawless Foundation has the added advantage of SPF15 sun protection and its hydrating, velvety texture hides blemishes and imperfections.

The Australian beauty company decided to use a special Slimline Jumbo airless dispenser developed by South Korean cosmetics packaging converter Yonwoo for its new foundation products to give its customers a better user experience.

This pump-action container from Yonwoo is renowned for its compatibility with advanced products, as its airless technology keeps the formula inside free of contamination.

For both foundation products, Natio has kept Jumbo's shell clear – facilitating colour choice – while rendering the container with a silk-screen print and shiny hot foil stamp on the rim.

Spain-headquartered cosmetics packaging provider Quadpack supplied Natio with Yonwoo’s airless dispensers.

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