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New cider bottle a perfect fit for the fridge

New cider bottle a perfect fit for the fridge, Aspall, Beatson Clark, Asia packaging, UK
UK –
One brand owner in the UK has refreshed the look of its bottled ciders, helping it expand its on-trade market presence.

Aspall, a manufacturer of apple juice, ciders and vinegars, has switched to a lightweight 500ml amber lightweight Vichy bottle with a crown neck finish produced by UK glass packaging manufacturer Beatson Clark.

While Aspall ciders are usually sold in a unique bottle designed by Beatson Clark, the award-winning cider maker wanted a shorter bottle for the on-trade as the bespoke design is too tall for most pub and bar fridges.

“We love the iconic bottle that we’ve been using for almost 100 years, but it’s now too tall for the fridges in most pubs and bars,” said Polly Robinson, marketing consultant at Aspall.New cider bottle a perfect fit for the fridge, Aspall, Beatson Clark, Asia packaging, UK

“In many pubs the bottle is kept on its side, which means that our products don’t catch the eye of customers choosing their drink from the other side of the bar. We wanted our products to stand upright, so we asked Beatson Clark to supply a slightly shorter bottle for us,” she explained.

“The new bottles are going down really well and have helped us to get more packaged, as opposed to draught product, into the on-trade.”

Two new Aspall products were the first to be sold in the new bottle: Clement's Four, a lower ABV (alcohol by volume) cider named after Aspall founder Clement Chevallier, and Isabel's Berry, a light, refreshing cider flavoured with redcurrant and raspberry juice. Four existing ciders will also be sold in the new bottle: Draught Cyder, Premier Cru, Harry Sparrow and Perronelle's Blush.

Damian Mills, Head of Operations at Aspall, commented, “We like working with a smaller company like Beatson Clark because they are able to be more flexible and provide great customer service.

“We've worked with them closely to find a solution to having a shorter bottle which will fit in pub fridges more easily. The Vichy bottle has been a great success and enabled us to significantly increase the volume of packaged Aspall cider going into the on-trade.”


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