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Packaging design for new rum enhances brand cues

Packaging design for new rum enhances brand cues, B&B Studio, The Westbourne Drinks Company, Duppy Share, Asia packaging
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The identity and packaging for a new golden rum brand works well as it delicately balances between projecting a premium image, capturing the dark nature of the duppies, and maintaining the fun party spirit of the Caribbean rum category.

The Duppy Share, created by London-based spirits entrepreneurs The Westbourne Drinks Company, is a blend of world class, oak-aged spirits from the islands of Jamaica and Barbados, The new rum brand is inspired by Caribbean folklore and takes its name from the belief that duppies (dark spirits from the islands) steal the best of the rum from each barrel as it ages.

At the forefront of the UK’s premium rum revolution and imbibing the pioneering spirit of its island heritage, The Duppy Share aims to make an impact on the British drinking scene with a contemporary offering that brings something completely new to the rum category, which is yet to experience the same premiumisation as other spirits

With a challenging brief to create a premium brand and capture the dark nature of the duppies without losing the positivity and party spirit of the Caribbean rum category, UK brand design agency B&B Studio worked to a creative essence of Darkness & Light. Packaging design for new rum enhances brand cues, B&B Studio, The Westbourne Drinks Company, Duppy Share, Asia packaging

The resulting label design contrasts day and night, enabling the depiction of a sunny Caribbean scene to communicate provenance, alongside the shadowy suggestion of activity after dark. The unexpected and ownable visual style helps avoid Caribbean cliché, while the depth and richness of colour is unique within the world of rum, ensuring the brand stands out on the back bar and issues a real challenge to the category.

To build on the history and authenticity of the duppy story, B&B chose an evocative illustrative and typographic style inspired by 1930s travel posters. The foiled monogram and sunburst enhance the brand’s premium cues and emphasise the contrast of darkness and light, while the irregular application of the back label creates a crafted and small batch feel.

A metaphorical journey from darkness to light, B&B’s evocative design for The Duppy Share rum counters the malevolence of evil spirits with redemptive rays of Caribbean sunshine. It’s truly a message on a bottle.

“The Duppy Share was a brilliant creative opportunity for B&B from start to finish,” says B&B’s Creative Partner Shaun Bowen. “We were immediately inspired by the duppy story, and encouraged by the real entrepreneurial spirit of our client, to develop something truly unique.

“The result is a standout piece of spirits packaging design, and we couldn’t be prouder of it.”

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