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Luxury hair care packaging for premium brand

Luxury hair care packaging for premium brand, Brandimage, Kerasilk, Goldwell, Kao Group
The Kerasilk professional hair-care range by Goldwell, a German professional hair care brand owned by Japan’s Kao Group, has undergone a brand repositioning backed by a new packaging design that enforces the efficiency of the premium product.

Brandimage, the brand development group of SGK, created the repositioning concept for the Kerasilk brand through a three-step creative and strategic approach.

This begun with a collaborative workshop to define the brand position and unique selling proposition, explained Annette Klek, Marketing & Client Director at Brandimage’s Paris office.

“We then did the structural design development for the creation of a new contemporary bottle featuring a pure and technical shape that emphasizes the high performance and soft formulation of the Kerasilk range,” said Klek.

“The creation of a new packaging identity introduced luxury codes with a minimalistic graphic layout and the use of plain gold color.”

Produced using polyurethane, the new bottles are silk-screen printed with particles of pearl and gold for an impact and qualitative appeal.

Together, the new graphic identity and style created by Brandimage highlights the exclusive efficiency of Goldwell’s formulas and the premium positioning of the new Kerasilk range.

The collaboration is another step forward for Brandimage and the KAO Group, who have been working together since 2008 on all the Goldwell ranges, redeploying their overall graphic style.

Goldwell products are sold by hair professionals in over 40 countries including Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Russia, Scandinavia, the United States, Canada, South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia.

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