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Innovative shrink sleeve turns Charity Bottle pink

Innovative shrink sleeve turns Charity Bottle pink, Bottlegreen Drinks Company, Clondalkin Group Company Chadwicks, Asia packaging, UK
UK -
The Bottlegreen Drinks Company has undergone a pink transformation with an innovative shrink sleeve branding solution, in support of Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

The limited edition pink bottles from the adult soft drinks manufacturer feature a seven-colour promotional sleeve produced on 50 micron ‘Hi Shrink’ PET film from Clondalkin Group Company Chadwicks.

The Charity Bottle was a technically challenging packaging design, incorporating special inks to prevent discolouration from Bottlegreen’s trademark green bottle, and featuring a matt lacquer for a tactile, high quality finish.

Richard Cutworth, Chadwicks Sleeves Business Development Manager, said, “Working with a brand synonymous with sophistication and for such a worthwhile cause, it was vital that we created a distinctive, high added-value finish. And by producing the sleeves using UV Flexo technology rather than Gravure, we were able to offer very competitive origination costs.Innovative shrink sleeve turns Charity Bottle pink, Bottlegreen Drinks Company, Clondalkin Group Company Chadwicks, Asia packaging, UK

“We are delighted with the results which underline our ability to overcome difficult technical challenges and achieve cost-effective packaging solutions with a high visual impact.”

Simon Speers, Managing Director of Bottlegreen Drinks Company said, “We looked to create a premium and high impact sleeved bottle to help raise awareness for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. With a stylish limited edition bottle from a trusted brand, Chadwicks’ innovative approach and technical expertise helped ensure we achieved the desired look.”

The limited edition bottles are on sale now across all major UK supermarkets, with 10% from the sale of each bottle going directly to the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity.

Chadwicks has more than 50 years of experience in the flexible packaging industry and is a pre-cut lid manufacturer and supplier of choice in shrink sleeve production. Part of the Flexible Packaging Division of the Clondalkin Group, Chadwicks works with its sister company Nyco, a shrink sleeve manufacturer based in Switzerland, to provide a joint service to multi-site European buyers, meaning Chadwicks, together with Nyco, can provide a wider range of print processes including UV flexo, gravure and offset litho.

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