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New Australian wine range launches in aluminium can bottles

New Australian wine range launches in aluminium can bottles, Barokes Wines, Daiwa Can Company, COFCO Corporation, Asia packaging
Innovative Australian wine producer Barokes Wines has launched its Lovers Wine range of quality lower alcohol wines in aluminium can bottles.

Using the slim can bottle technology developed by Japanese packaging manufacturer Daiwa Can Company, who partnered with Barokes just over twelve months ago, and incorporating Barokes’ globally patented Vinsafe wine packaging system, this exciting product range is targeted at a new generation of wine consumers with on-the-go lifestyles.

With all the benefits of an aluminium can, the Lovers Wine range has the appearance and premium feel previously only conveyed by conventional glass wine bottles. The Lovers Wine can bottles are durable, safe, resealable, single serve, quick to chill and environmentally friendly. Lovers Wine meets the environmental imperatives and demands of the on-the-go lifestyles of today’s new generation of wine drinkers.

China will be one of the first markets to launch the Lovers Wine range following the recent partnership between Barokes and COFCO Corporation, a state-owned enterprise and China’s largest food processing, manufacturer and trader.  COFCO will be distributing the Lovers Wine range and other Barokes wines throughout mainland China under an exclusive agreement signed in September 2013.

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