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The importance of packaging in communicating premium chocolate brand image

The importance of packaging in communicating premium chocolate brand image, Mälarchocolaterie, Korsnäs, Asia packaging, Sweden
For the small, exclusive chocolate-maker Mälarchocolaterie, the packaging has become almost as important as the pralines inside.

Mälarchocolaterie owners Elaine Chan and Thomas Brännström have been making world-class chocolate for ten years now, and while making chocolate, and by and by macaroons and cakes, they have developed luxurious packaging for their products.

“The packaging is tremendously important and already from the start we set out to create fine packaging to protect the chocolate,” Elaine explains. “At first I made my own sketches and cut and folded my little boxes at the kitchen table.

“But somebody in France once told us that our chocolates had a slight taste of cardboard, and that’s when we realised the importance of looking beyond just the design and also choosing the right material.”

Hence, Thomas got in touch with Korsnäs in Frövi, Sweden - now part of BillerudKorsnäs following the recent merger. Not only could they help Mälarchocolaterie choose the right packaging material, the company’s Packaging Performance Service also supported with smart packaging design solutions. For example, Thomas has been able to salvage some of the waste from the production of the company’s cake boxes to make the 12-packs for chocolate bars that Mälarchocolaterie also produce and sell.

For the pralines and chocolate bars, they use Korsnäs Light 290 gsm. Elaine and Thomas are delighted with the material and happy about how their dark brown logotype makes a perfectly matching pattern on the light brown reverse side of Korsnäs Light.

“The packaging means a lot for our brand identity and the pack bit is as crucial as the chocolate bit. But also something to be more nervous about,” says Brännström.

“You can’t help feeling a little uneasy when you have sent off all the files to the printer’s and there’s two tonnes of cartonboard to process. That’s when you better have done everything right.”


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