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New convenient plastic cup packaging meets consumer snacking trend

New convenient plastic cup packaging meets consumer snacking trend, Soletti Pretzel Sticks, Kelly, Greiner Packaging, Asia packaging
Local popular snack Soletti Pretzel Sticks is satisfying the latest craze of on-the-go snacking in an innovative and convenient plastic container.

This innovative six-cornered thermoformed cup packaging manufactured by Greiner Packaging offers convenience in this product from Austrian snack food market leader Kelly that meets the needs of today’s active and on-the-go lifestyle.

The Soletti cup (75g contents) is manufactured using thermoform technology, while the product presentation being enhanced by high-resolution printed shrink sleeves. According to Kenneth Boldog, Head of Division K at Greiner Packaging, the use of this particular labelling technology offers significant advantages, including allowing the look and feel of the Soletti cup to be easily adapted to different products and occasions, and minimizing the turnaround time on client requirement changes.

A perfect packaging option for busy consumers on the go, Soletti cup easily fits into backpacks, purses, stroller trays and built-in cup holders. With its re-closable lid, the packaging solution ensures that Soletti Pretzel Sticks remain fresh, delicious, and unbroken.

Apart from being convenient, this new packaging addresses another consumer trend: It is perfectly suited for on the go snacking. Eating occasions and habits throughout the day are consistently changing - at work, at home and anywhere in between. The trend of eating anytime, anywhere, continues to be on the rise throughout the modern world and the Soletti cup with its slogan of “Soletti and I, always together” taps into this trend effortlessly.

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