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PermaSafe offers versatile packaging design for processed foods

PermaSafe offers versatile packaging design for processed foods, Weidenhammer Packaging Group (WPG), JSC Brivais Vilnis, Eifeler Fleischwaren, Asia packaging
PermaSafe, the innovative plastic solution for sterilized and pasteurized foods developed by Germany packaging converter Weidenhammer Packaging Group (WPG), is gaining popularity in the market, with two brand owners using the packaging solutions for two new products to be introduced in the next few weeks.

PermaSafe products are attractively designed, lightweight and extremely durable. With its "reinvention of the can" by WPG plastics division Weidenhammer Plastic Packaging (WPP), the solution makes the benefits of plastic packaging available for the processed foods industry, including Mr. Fix, ready-made meals from Eifeler Fleischwaren, and pickled sprats from JSC Brivais Vilnis.

Cup design whets consumer appetites

A growing number of food manufacturers are using the advantages of packaging manufactured by WPP to improve the positioning of their products at the point of sale. WPP recently developed a PermaSafe container with an appetizing, photo-realistic wraparound label for Germany’s Eifeler Fleischwaren and its meat products.

Packaging production and labelling are completed in a single process. The In-Mould Labelling (IML) process highlights the finest details of the ready-to-eat product, which comes in a 380-gram container and is available in five varieties: chicken & rice, cheese & leek, paprika goulash, ground meat & noodles, and beef stew.

An easy to remove Peel-off Top seals the product contents, making the container gastight. In addition, a yellow snap-on lid ensures that the packaging can be resealed and is easy to open every time, so the consumer can eat the ready-made meal in portions. Since PermaSafe packaging can be easily heated in the microwave, the product can be enjoyed directly from the container.

Trend towards transparency

The new packaging solution for JSC Brivais Vilnis, a Latvian fish company, ensures maximum product protection and convenience in a brand new design concept.

"See-through packaging for fish and seafood is popular in Eastern European markets," explains Andreas Rothschink, Sales Director at WPP. "We worked directly with the customer and opted for transparent PermaSafe® packaging."

The container has a "porthole" that gives the consumer a clear view of the product, while an easy-open, Peel-off Top makes the packaging gastight – which is essential to preserve product freshness.

This is the first plastic packaging produced by WPG specifically for the Latvian market. Since the market for sprat is highly competitive in Eastern Europe, the packaging specialists had to create something truly unique.

"Our solution is based on historical sprat packaging," says Rothschink describing the transparent, 7-cm high container.

"Not only does the packaging stand out from the mass of products on the shelf, consumers directly associate this kind of packaging with high quality."

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