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First airless glass bottle for skin care packaging

First airless glass bottle for skin care packaging, Natura Bissé, Quadpack, Yonwoo, Asia packaging
Beauty brand Natura Bissé has taken the beauty market by storm with its latest rejuvenating night treatment which not only breaks new ground in skin care, but also revolutionises beauty packaging with its airless container.

Natura Bissé’s newest product Diamond Life Infusion is contained in one of the world’s first packaging that combines a glass bottle with a rigid Yonwoo airless container. The packaging solution was custom developed by cosmetic packaging provider Quadpack.

“We relied on Quadpack’s professional team for the creation of an innovative packaging concept and they did not disappoint – they fulfilled all our requirements,” says Patricia Fisas, Natura Bissé’s Marketing Director.First airless glass bottle for skin care packaging, Natura Bissé, Quadpack, Yonwoo, Asia packaging

Part of the Diamond Collection, Diamond Life Infusion is a potent self-regenerating serum formulated with 16 rejuvenating ingredients. Formula protection is therefore a key factor in the design of the packaging.

The solution was found in a 25ml airless container from South Korean packaging converter Yonwoo that protects the formula from oxidation and external contamination.

The airless cylinder is concealed within a beautiful glass bottle custom made to fit. Carefully following Natura Bissé’s design, the inner wall has been pearlised, maintaining the transparency and reflection effect of the outer wall. Silver and black branding is flux printed onto the outer wall to match the aesthetics of the Diamond Collection.

In addition, the logo and lettering are subtly debossed around the top edge, while an aluminium-clad cap, with ‘NB’ debossed in the centre, completes the pack.

A custom aluminium-sheathed collar holds all Components securely in place. Enhancing the prestigious look and feel of the product, the collar adds further weight and brilliance, while its roundness contrasts strikingly with the rectangular contours of the bottle.


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