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Beer cans with new vented end for enhanced user experience

Beer cans with new vented end for enhanced user experience, Crown Holdings Inc, Coors Light, Molson Canadian, packaging
Literally a new twist on metal packaging, the new Vented End beverage can used by Coors Light and Molson Canadian features a vented end to allow for a smoother pour, enhanced experience and a unique opening feature.

Developed by Crown Beverage Packaging North America, a business unit of Crown Holdings Inc, the Vented End beverage can is the product of an exclusive partnership between Crown and Molson Coors Canada.

It features a dual aperture opening, meaning it has two holes rather than the one hole found on traditional can ends. The end's unique design includes a distinctive red tab and a button-shape depression mark to the right of the main opening. To use, consumers simply open the can as usual, turn the red tab so that it is aligned over the button, and then press down to activate the second opening. No extra tools are required to open the end. 

The vented end is efficient for consumers. With the increased flow rate, consumers experience a smooth pour, while enjoying the flavorful and familiar beverage. 

Beer cans with new vented end for enhanced user experience, Crown Holdings Inc, Coors Light, Molson Canadian, packagingThe vented end not only enhances the appeal of the package but also helps build brand identity by more closely connecting consumers with their beverage. In addition, the Vented End can be used alongside other existing technologies, like Crown's promotional tabs, as well as can shaping, finishing, and printing to attract attention at the point of purchase.

Mike MacDonald, Senior Packaging Scientist for Molson Coors, explained that the intent was to provide beer drinkers with an enhanced experience while keeping functionality and fun: "This latest innovation was developed exclusively with Crown through extensive work and rigorous testing. The new cans are the result of several years and evolutions of our concepts and prototypes."

"Consumers have had an extremely positive reaction to the Vented End and have noted that the additional opening, with its corresponding smoother pour, is both easy and fun," said Neill Mitchell, Vice President Marketing and Strategic Development at Crown Beverage Packaging North America. "At Crown, we know that brands increasingly see the value of leveraging packaging to distinguish products, attract consumers and drive sales, and we've designed this new technology to satisfy those needs."




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