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New 2D/3D beverage packaging design targets extreme sports enthusiasts

New 2D/3D beverage packaging design targets extreme sports enthusiasts, Vimto Soft Drinks, Extreme Sports Company, bluemarlin, Asia packaging
UK –
A new beverage line from the UK has launched in 2D/3D-packaging design to attract the target market of thrill-seekers that love participating in and watching extreme sports.

Extreme, a new brand from Vimto Soft Drinks, is a new beverage line under licence from the Extreme Sports Company. The brand’s two initial offerings, Extreme Sport and Extreme Energy, hit shelves in July 2013 across the UK.

With the energy and sports drinks sector emerging as one of the fastest growing markets in the UK, Vimto saw an opportunity to disrupt the category with a brand specifically created for ‘urban dreamers,’ a target group comprised of young men known for their individualism, their enthusiasm for counter-culture and their addiction to extreme sports.

International branding and design agency bluemarlin was given a two-fold task: The first was to capture the ever-shifting concept of “cool” within the design to appeal to these reactionary, iconoclastic youths. The second was to construct one structure within the parameters of PET bottle material that would work for both products.New 2D/3D beverage packaging design targets extreme sports enthusiasts, Vimto Soft Drinks, Extreme Sports Company, bluemarlin, Asia packaging

By leveraging a recognisable logo and the pre-existing equity of licensing partner, the Extreme Sports Company, Vimto had a “badge” for the brand, but still required an impactful identity to take the brand into this new category.

Inspiration came from the role non-conformity plays in society. Guided by the big idea of ‘Raw Rebellion,’ Extreme’s graphics reflect the razor-edged sensibilities of street art and graffiti. The design fits seamlessly into the world that the urban dreamer knows, inhabits and thrives in – skate parks, BMX trails off-the-beaten path, and exotic surf tribes.

Working in perfect sync with the graphics, Extreme’s unique packaging structure continues to reinforce the brand’s push-the-limits personality.

“Extreme’s structure is representative of non-conformist subcultures as well as extreme sports,” said Guy Williams, bluemarlin’s Creative Director of Structure.

“The dynamic wave-like shapes embossed on the bottle’s surface mirror skate ramps, and communicate the rigorous technicality and speed associated with extreme sports. The rugged and powerful structure gives Extreme strong stand out and forms an ergonomic design that is incredibly tactile.”

Emma Hunt of Vimto Soft Drinks commented, “The new Extreme 2D/3D design by bluemarlin captures the essence of the Extreme brand. It pushes the boundaries of design, breaks category conventions and reflects the creativity and rebellion of our core target audience.”



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