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Redesigning beer multipacks for greater cost efficiency and sales

Redesigning beer multipacks for greater efficiency and sales, Saica Pack, Loddon Brewery, packaging, Asia
UK –
Spanish paper and paperboard packaging converter Saica Pack has redesigned the three and six bottle presentation packs of Loddon Brewery to help provide efficiency savings and an increase in volume of sales.

The award-winning family-run Loddon Brewery had approached Saica Pack with a brief to redesign its packaging and challenged the team to produce packaging which more accurately represented the Loddon brand as a whole, and reflected its re-branded, award-winning bottle labels.

Taking inspiration from the brand’s distinctive dragonfly logo, and a request from Loddon to ensure that the design did not follow a “standard template”, Saica Pack’s design team developed a new line of packaging to help Loddon’s gift packs stand out from the crowd.Redesigning beer multipacks for greater efficiency and sales, Saica Pack, Loddon Brewery, packaging, Asia

The new packaging for the three and six bottle presentation packs use the Loddon’s dragonfly logo as the main feature of design, which is reflected in both print and the physical structure of the packs. Cut-outs in the fully corrugated ‘carry home’ pack highlight the logos on the main body of the bottle and the bottle neck, whilst quality printing using a gloss effect finishes off the high-end look of the design.

Craig Allen, Design Engineer at Saica Pack explained, “Loddon came to us with a challenge to help them differentiate their product from others on the market. Thanks to our in-house design team, we were able to provide them will a fully customised service. 

“Our understanding of packaging functionality allows us to work with our customers to produce designs which are in line with their graphic and design requirements as well as being press ready, helping to speed up delivery of these products to market.”

As well as providing Loddon with a pack which ties in with its bottle branding and providing shoppers with more than just a ‘run of the mill’ beer gift pack, the redesign has helped boost sales for the Oxfordshire-based brewery.

Luke Hearn, Sales Director at Loddon Brewery, said, “It was important to us that the structure of design incorporated our dragonfly our logo, helping to make it an integral part of our brand and providing the best possible exposure of this to our customers.

“Since our new pack designs have been introduced, at shows, in shops and at other retailers, we have experienced an increased volume in sales which has led to the requirement for more orders. “



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