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Sharing Coke concept can prototype VIDEO not a product launched in Singapore

The Coca-Cola Company, packaging, prototype packaging, concept packaging, Packaging AsiaSINGAPORE - The Coca-Cola Company has confirmed to that the ‘Coke Sharing Can’ that has been the subject of considerable industry discussion in recent weeks, is not a production prototype, nor was it test-launched in the Singapore market.

Interest in the Sharing Coke can, that ‘twists, turns and separates’ was sparked by a professionally produced YouTube promotion video that shows the delighted reaction of consumers to the novel concept of twisting and separating a 330ml can of Coke to share with friends. The YouTube video went viral, garnering more than 1.4 million views in the three weeks since it was posted on 29 May 2012.

Unfortunately for the Laura Davidson, Manager, Public Affairs & Communications, Coca-Cola Singapore: “The cans were a little something we did to bring unexpected moments of happiness to Singapore.”

Coke Sharing Happiness

According to Leonardo O'Grady, IMC Director Coca-Cola ASEAN, The Coca-Cola Company:The Coca-Cola Sharing Can is at the heart of the brand's optimistic and social spirit heritage over the past 127 years and delivers yet another unexpected moment of connection and happiness.The Coca-Cola Company, packaging, prototype packaging, concept packaging, Packaging Asia

“Half for you and half for someone you love” said O’Grady.

The project was the result of a combined effort on the part of Coke and its ad-agency Ogilvy & Mather (O&M) in both France and Singapore. “Coke’s brand image has always been one of optimism and the idea of “sharing happiness”, and while the beverage giant has created many campaigns in line with this, “There was one thing they couldn’t share,” said Chris Garbutt, Chief Creative Officer, O&M, France, “The can.”

“So we asked ourselves”, continued Chief Creative Officer, Eugene Cheong, O&M Asia Pacific, “What if they could?”

The Sharing Can is demonstrative of how brand owners can drive packaging design and technological innovation, and though the Sharing Can remains technically impossible to mass produce, it remains a unique packaging concept with great brand impact.

Even without a physical product launch, the Sharing Can has once again demonstrated that a great concept and a professional video can place Coke in the spotlight for packaging innovation.

Note this is not the first time the public and media have been lured into a ‘fun’ innovative packaging concept-video; almost a year ago, in July 2012, reported how the packaging and mainstream media were duped into believing that The Coca-Cola Company was test-marketing ‘Coke-in-a-biodegradable bag’ following a similar (though much less slick) YouTube video: Read the story & view the video HERE.


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