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Effective chocolate packaging design interacts well with consumers

Effective chocolate packaging design interacts well with consumers, Benson Group, Willies Chocolate, BrandOpus, packaging
UK –
The innovative packaging creation
housing the Willies Cacao, Sea Salt Caramel Black Pearls luxury chocolate product features a design that balances a real premium feel without being excessive.

Developed by UK printed folding carton manufacturer Benson Group, the pack creates a perfect one-piece erectable cube, top opening to allow for easy sharing and easy access.

The brief from Willies Cacao was to build in a ritual around the opening of the box: a sense of gradually revealing, peeling back the layers to access the chocolates. The concorra opening feature creates this exciting entry into the pack, revealing the product inside.

An intricate coating pattern has been used to achieve a detailed gloss effect; with varnish added in a single pass using the twin-coater on Benson Bardon’s Heidelberg XL 105 press. The pack uses a spot glue technique to create a double thickness lid.

The substrate used for the pack is virgin fibre Incada Excel board from Sweden’s Iggesund Paperboard, selected for its quality and printability, and for the outstanding visual impact when printed front and back.

Nikki Clark, Benson Group’s Marketing Manager, said, “We needed to work closely with the client and the artwork house to produce a carton that captured the vision from the first briefing. The end product exhibits, we believe, the best print finishes to compliment elegant and well-presented artwork created by BrandOpus.

“How the product was packed was constantly kept under consideration. Our designers at Benson Group worked closely with the client to ensure the pack was easy to assemble and fill at the hand-packed production line. Adjustments made to the closures allowed for a more efficient packing line.”

She added, “We believe that the constructional design produced creates a new style of pack for the premium chocolate market. The cube construction stands out on the shelf against competitive products. The combination of print varnish effects, internal printing and foil blocking against the dark brown base colour draws the consumer’s eye to the pack.”

Benson Group was recently recognized in the Structural Design category of the Starpack Awards 2013, receiving its first award for 2013 for the packaging design, which judges described as: “Gorgeous, tempting, effective, interactive”.



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