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Scottish whisky updates packaging design for a modern taste

Scottish whisky updates packaging design for a modern taste, Laphroaig, Beam Inc, JKR, packaging
London-based design consultancy JKR has combined design ideas from fans of Islay single malt whisky Laphroaig to create a new packaging for the brand that signifies its modern evolution.

The redesign for the Islay single malt whisky extends across the entire portfolio from the Laphroaig’s popular malts to its more premium editions. Designed to reflect the quality of the products and the brand’s rich history, JKR says the new packaging strives to make it easier for consumers to identify their preferred expression.

Michael Cockram, senior global marketing director for Beam Inc – which owns Laphroaig, said, “Laphroaig continues to be the world’s No.1 Islay malt whisky. Our decision to refresh the brand’s packaging has been taken with a great deal of care, given that the brand’s distinctive look has been so successful for many years.”

The new packaging was designed with feedback from the Friends of Laphroaig community – a fan community which interact with the brand online. “After listening to consumer feedback, we believe this redesign will bring greater visibility and appeal, providing a more defined brand personality that resonates with our fans,” said Cockram.Scottish whisky updates packaging design for a modern taste, Laphroaig, Beam Inc, JKR, packaging

Daniela Nunzi-Mihranian, creative director, JKR continued, “Laphroaig has a fantastic brand essence and the redesign provided the opportunity to unleash it.

“By refining the equities that make Laphroaig distinctive, we were able to bring harmony to the portfolio. This has improved navigation for consumers while delivering a more contemporary feel.”

“We believe the new look creates a modern evolution for the brand, reinvigorating the original design while educating consumers on the brand’s unique taste experience,” Cockram added.

The new bottles will be launched soon in the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Australia and Japan



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