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Size matters: New paint sold in small, cubic containers

Size matters: New paint sold in small, cubic containers, RPC Superfos, V33, packaging
For a new type of special paint launched by one of France’s biggest producers, a small rectangular plastic container was the way to go in reaching out to new market segments.

French company V33 recently introduced three types of groundbreaking paint featuring a special technology called naturLAB. The products are packed in a small SuperCube Rectangular container from RPC Superfos, to target women.

Yann Garnier, Industrial manager of V33, explained that when it comes to DIY tasks, women prefer to paint rather than to carry out heavy duties. So he is confident that many handy women appreciate the small size of the SuperCube container and the option to hold it in just one hand. Men may like it very much as well, he said.

“Creating a new design which reflected the new technology and the special qualities of the paint was of particular importance to us, not least the rectangular shape and the size,” said Garnier.Size matters: New paint sold in small, cubic containers, RPC Superfos, V33, packaging

To match the special and outstanding qualities of the paint, much care was made in selecting the right packaging, he explained further: “This particular range comes in two commercial sizes: 2L and 0.75L. We really like the fact that they have an identical look on the part facing the customers as it enhances impact on shelf. It is a stronger platform when the two sizes stand side by side and communicate the same message uniformly.”

The three types in the range each have their own animal in-mould label symbolising the effect of the paint: the green frog for GRIPACTIV’ signals paint that sticks to any surface; the fish in the blue water indicates water resistant paint HYDROACTIV’ while the turtle with its brown shield is used for PROTECTACTIV’ suitable for areas that are exposed to intensive use and requiring an extremely high resistance.

The black lid comes with an integrated, handy grip for easy carrying. For transport and warehouse optimisation, the rectangular SuperCube also offers advantages as it is easy to stack, full or empty.

Garnier concluded, “We are happy with key figures for sales and it has been a pleasure to work with RPC Superfos. All along the packaging and design process, we have been met with an active, creative and innovative approach.”



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