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Confectionery packaging design adds fun to product for kids

Confectionery packaging design adds fun to product for kids, Peppersmith, Tingz, B&B Studio, packaging
UK –
The new packaging for UK sweets brand Tingz builds on the quirky personality of the brand with its vibrant and attractive packaging design.

Launched by natural chewing gum brand Peppersmith, a company established in 2010 by former Innocent employees Dan Shrimpton and Mike Stevens, Tingz are a new, two flavour confectionary range that uses Xylitol, a natural wood sugar, to add plaque reducing property to the sweets.

London-based B&B Studio, the agency behind the Peppersmith visual identity, developed the new line’s packaging which features two wide-mouthed monster characters and a contrasting white and bright colour palette to create a wholesome but flavourful quality that reflects the natural, dental improving properties of the sweets.

While characters are widespread across the confectionery category, B&B Studio was able to create contemporary, well rendered and distinctive monsters – named ‘Bowie’ and ‘Floyd’ – that, for such elemental line drawings, still manage to deliver individual personality.

The bright red and warm orange tones of the characters are enhanced by the use of plenty of ‘clinical’ white space, presenting a clear, communicative contrast of bold fruity flavour and the sugar-free and plaque reducing proposition.Confectionery packaging design adds fun to product for kids, Peppersmith, Tingz, B&B Studio, packaging

The large mouth, heart shaped throat, white teeth and big wide smiles - an original communicative detail well utilised across the opening of the box - tie them to the dental proposition with a friendly, confident positivity often seen used in dental waiting rooms.

The two friendly monsters have been designed to sit on a shop counter and allow kids (and grown-ups) to help themselves to their ‘monstrously tasty treats’. The Tingz point-of-sale display packaging, both striking in design and innovative in construction, are made from 100% FSC material with a ‘tuck’ end to allow for the highly functional scoop mouth.

“Recognising the need to appeal to kids’ sense of fun over the long term, our team created a compelling brand world with real depth and potential, starring a pair of hairy monsters, Bowie and Floyd,” explained B&B Studio.

“At the same time, it was vital to reassure adults about the sweets’ healthy qualities, so our packaging relies on the monsters’ mouths, highlighting dental health in a fun and clever way. We’ve even created interactive SRPs that use the monsters’ mouths to dispense the bags.”

The Tingz brand identity is enforced beyond the pack, with a website and booklets that tell the back-stories of the monsters and their forest friends, and B&B Studio also created trade show stands and marketing materials.


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