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Willie's Chocolate goes for luxury jewel box packaging look

Willie's Chocolate goes for luxury jewel box packaging look, Benson Group, Willie Harcourt-Cooze, Brand Opus, Heidelberg
UK –
For its new range of luxury dessert products featuring the now famous Willie's Chocolate, Willie Harcourt-Cooze and his team paired up with designers Brand Opus and UK carton printer Benson Group to develop a package that makes the package look like a jewel box.

The initial brief from Willie was simple: "Make the desserts look like jewels in a box." Following an initial carton and insert design, and input from Brand Opus on the window shape, the final cartons have emerged, and the partners hope it will dazzle customers with a unique shelf appeal.

Printed in six-colours (four process colours plus two specials), a luxurious finish has been achieved by Benson Group with the addition of two varnishes – a satin touch varnish for that overall feeling of quality, and a spot-UV varnish to add that special look and feel. Willie's Chocolate goes for luxury jewel box packaging look, Benson Group, Willie Harcourt-Cooze, Brand Opus, Heidelberg

As a finishing touch of quality gold foil blocking is added to the carton, which utilises 460 micron Linofreeze board and 36 micron polyester window materials. The six-colour print and double coating are laid down in one press pass utilising one of the company's latest Heidelberg XL105 presses.

The insert is printed one and two colours plus a gloss emulsion. The insert has itself been glued to provide extra stability within the pack, which allows the product to sit more effectively within the carton. All inks, coatings and adhesives used are low-migration products in order to prevent tainting the product.

A complex cut of the printed board provides for four window apertures in the finished carton, aiding the product view for the shopper and the enhanced shelf appeal.

Commenting on the final appearance of this premium quality carton, Nikki Clark, Marketing Manager and Head of Design at Benson Group, said, "In order to create a denser look on the black of the carton we suggested that a satin varnish should be used instead of the matt varnish that we use on the Willie's Chocolate product boxes that we also print.

“On the larger sized carton it just gives that added contrast in both look and feel between the base black, the spot-UV gloss, and the gold foil blocking,” she added.



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