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New pre-filled single serve wine package for greater convenience

A new pre-filled single serve wine package for greater convenience, Rosemount Estate, Secret Stone, Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC), packaging
In a move to serve customers safely and efficiently, Rosemount Estate, Secret Stone and the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) have collaborated on a new packaging for wine which sees it being sold in pre-filled single serve glasses.

The Minis Range of wines from McLaren Vale’s Rosemount Estate and New Zealand’s Secret Stone is packaged in single serve premium finish glass, made from fully recyclable PET. Containing 150 ml of wine or 1.3 standard drinks, the new packaging provides a pre-filled responsible service of alcohol solution for public events whilst offering MCG patrons increased service speed during intervals and half-time breaks.

The Minis range of wines include Rosemount Estate Blends Chardonnay Semillon and Shiraz Cabernet, and Secret Stone Sauvignon Blanc.

The MCG was the first Australian stadium to offer the new single serve wines during the Boxing Day Test last year. The stadium’s General Manager of Commercial Operations, Lisa Trainor, said, “Through our longstanding partnership with Treasury Wine Estates, we’ve been able to offer premium wines that are served more conveniently to our customers and in line with our existing responsible serving of alcohol guidelines.”

Angus McPherson, Managing Director Rosemount Estate and Secret Stone said the packaging innovation has helped build the wine brands and open opportunities for sampling and enjoyment occasions that align with the MCC’s needs.

“We have been the wine of choice for Australian social occasions since 1974, and like the MCC, we’re excited about the future and the opportunities for expansion this brings,” Angus said.

“To entrust our brands and our wine quality in this new format bears testament to our confidence in this true packaging innovation and allows our consumers to enjoy our wines within occasions that suit them.”



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