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Packaging decoration the highlight of Givenchy's new mascara

Packaging decoration the highlight of Givenchy's new mascara Noir Couture, Givenchy, LVMH, Rexam, packaging
The just-launched Noir Couture mascara from LVMH’s Givenchy brand features packaging with sophisticated decoration elements and delicatecy treatment manufactured by Rexam.

Created in partnership with Givenchy’s brand artistic director, the new mascara assignment recognizes Rexam’s recent make-up packaging successes for the company. As in past Givenchy work, the new mascara showcases Rexam’s capabilities in injection, decoration and assembly processes. The result is a sophisticated mascara that exudes luxury and reinforces the brand’s haute couture orientation.

Keys to success of the pack are the sophisticated decoration elements and the delicatecy logo treatment, the latter created by two distinct processes. A delicate “4G” is engraved – and painstakingly hot stamped – at the top of the contoured and UV varnished cap, while the same precise two-step process is used to adorn the base with an elegant “Givenchy” logo.

The mascara is further decorated with the high-precision alignment and hot stamping of the shiny silver vertical strips extending from cap to base. Both cap and base are injected in black PCTA, while the wiper is of black PEBD.

“The Givenchy Noir Couture mascara is another example of how a leading prestige brand has teamed with Rexam to create a winning packaging solution,” said Audrey Ospital, Product Manager – Make-up, Rexam Personal Care Group.

“From the black and silver colors – so understated and appealing – to the careful engraving and the perfect shaping and precision hot stamping and alignment of the cap and base, the elements come together to excite consumers.”

Rexam’s site in Simandre (Burgundy) was charged with executing all decoration and customization elements of the new Givenchy mascara. Simandre specializes in injection and metalizing, with particular expertise in challenging surface treatments, UV lacquering, stamping, screen printing, hot stamping and laser technology.

The unique, three-ball brush is supplied by Ponzini.



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