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Kimberly-Clark reduces product waste with new packaging device

Kimberly-Clark reduces product waste with new packaging device, Kimberly-Clark, packaging, Asia, US
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Kimberly-Clark Health Care and Kimberly-Clark Professional have developed a dual-opening packaging device – SmartPULL – that reduces medical exam glove waste.

Used on its Sterling- and Lavender-branded Medical Exam gloves packages, Kimberly-Clark’s SmartPULL packaging technology incorporates a dual glove opening tab for paperboard carton utilized in medical, dental, laboratory and university research facilities.

This technology helps address the common problem of glove waste among Kimberly-Clark’s customers, explains the company’s Professional senior category manager, Carolina Krevolin: “Some customers in medical environments put the glove boxes in a dispenser that is hung up vertically or horizontally on a wall. At times, when they opened that box and pulled out a glove, several other gloves would fall out. Those gloves could not be used, which caused unnecessary waste. 

“With our SmartPULL technology, we reduced waste by up to 30%.”

According to Krevolin, packaging engineers designed the opening so that one will have two tabs for opening. “The first tab creates an opening that’s smaller than usually found on a typical box of gloves, so that as you pull a glove out of the carton you pull out only one glove, not two or three gloves behind it. Kimberly-Clark reduces product waste with new packaging device, Kimberly-Clark, packaging, Asia, US

“The second tab creates a wider opening. By the time you have used about half the gloves, you completely pull off the carton opening to gain better access to the remaining gloves in the box.”

The medical exam gloves using the SmartPULL technology are being manufactured and packed manually in Malaysia and Thailand, while the paperboard cartons - which use up to 45% recycled content - are being outsourced outside of the US using packaging specifications issued by the Kimberly-Clark.


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