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Theodent "Chocolate" toothpaste in unique cocoa packaging

Theodent Chocolate toothpaste in unique cocoa packaging, Theodent, packaging, Asia, US
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New Orleans nascent biotech company Theodent’s unconventional "chocolate toothpaste" packaging is an innovative design creation which evokes the luxurious look of one of the world's most beloved food, chocolate.

Theodent's packaging was inspired by the company's proprietary chocolate extract, Rennou, which is the active ingredient in the revolutionary fluoride-free toothpaste that launched earlier this year in the US.

To communicate the uniqueness of its oral care product, Theodent decided to Theodent Chocolate toothpaste in unique cocoa packaging, Theodent, packaging, Asia, USuse a rich brown and copper-colored box and tube that not only looks like an actual luxurious chocolate packaging, but reflects the richness of chocolate itself.

For its creativity, the company was recently awarded one of the most prestigious international design awards in the world, the Red Dot for innovative product design.

This is the first time that a toothpaste has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot for product design and innovative concept, and is a particularly befitting achievement since the company claims there has been "little to no innovation in oral care in over a century since the advent of fluoride."

"We are truly humbled and honored that the international jury took note of Theodent's unique tube design and packaging. We spent two years in the product and prototype development phase and that clearly paid off," said Theodent President and CEO Arman Sadeghpour.


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