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Grolsch launches new robust and dynamic 330ml bottle

Grolsch launches new robust and dynamic 330ml bottle, Grolsch, Cartils, packaging, Asia
Replacing its previous 275ml measure, premium Dutch beer Grolsch has launched a new 330ml dynamic bottle design to bring it in line with other world beer brands within the category.

After brand research revealed that the larger sized bottle was more appealing, and that consumers that identified themselves as world beer drinkers were 36% more likely to buy the 330 ml bottle, compared to the previous 275ml volume, the Dutch brewer decided that it was time for a change.Grolsch launches new robust and dynamic 330ml bottle, Grolsch, Cartils, packaging, Asia

Developed by global brand and product design consultancy Cartils, the Grolsch redesign includes rich vivid green with red accents, drawing on Grolsch’s famous overall identity but enriching it to drive consumer interest.

The new fonts and T-Bars offer a more robust, dynamic look on the bar. This is complemented by new glassware, which helps underline Grolsch’s premium nature to consumers and delivers a consistent brand image.

In addition, the signature Grolsch ‘G’ is prominent in the new-look designs and is uniform across the whole product portfolio.

The new look comes at an exciting time for the brand, with plans for a major new marketing campaign intended to take advantage of the growing popularity of world beers.

Simon Pick, senior brand manager for Grolsch said: “World beer continues to see significant growth and the updated branding will help us to take full advantage. The re-designed bottle will bring us in line with other world beer brands and with Grolsch globally, whilst the updated packaging will help Grolsch standout behind the bar.

“We know how important serve is in the on-trade and with these changes we are offering consumers a consistent image of the Grolsch brand from ordering to their last sip. In a developing and competitive market, we are investing to ensure that the Grolsch brand remains a premium choice for beer drinkers.”


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