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A subtly different expression of lipstick packaging

A subtly different expression of lipstick packaging, Axilone, Lancôme, packaging, Asia
Modern and sophisticated, the new range of lipsticks in 24 irresistible shades by Lancôme features a resolutely different packaging shape and style that stands out in the very competitive cosmetics market.


Developed by French packaging converter Axilone, the packaging for Lancôme’s latest lipstick range – Rouge IN LOVE – is the smallest lipstick tube in the market. Yet it has a weighty feel in the hand, just as the brand owner had stipulated in its design brief, so consumers will feel assured.


To give a sensation of weight, without altering the fundamentals of the design, Axilone chose to have two solid ends pressed into the thin metal tubes, one in metal, the other in aluminium.


For the closing mechanism, a small plastic element at the bottom of the tube provides the locking click: technical ingenuity to avoid the addition of extra


Double anodised in both mat and gloss finish, the packaging features decorative engraved details: the emblematic Lancôme rose traditionally engraved flat on the top, and more delicately, a rectangular frame engraved on the side of the cylinder.


Against a silver background, the name of the lipstick stands out, in facing with a back edging, serigraphed in red.


The cap slides over a stamped aluminium tube, which is also weighted.  The base of the tube, engraved with the brand name, looks like a wedding ring, curved and voluptuously rounded, an effect obtained by inflating and forming during the stamping process. 


Last but not least, a delicate frieze in grey mother-of-pearl ink, applied using rotating tampography, adds the final touch of perfection to the delicate yet fine and understated decoration of this tube of lipstick.


The end result? A precious classy case, heavy yet small enough for consumers to carry around with them anywhere.








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