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High barrier tube offers strong protection for skincare product

High barrier tube offers strong protection for skincare product, Evdermia, Neopac, packaging, Asia
Searching for new packaging for its eye serum product, Greek dermatological products company Evdermia decided on a brushed metallic tube that has both aesthetic and high barrier properties.

In the autumn of 2011, the managers of the Evdermia brand of cosmetics decided to revamp the appearance of their “Silken Face Serum” packaging to match the product’s sophisticated formulation of high-quality precious materials.

The brand owner’s key selection criteria – which included a high oxygen barrier and aesthetically pleasing décor – were matched by the brushed bronze laminate from the Neopac Essential Collection. In addition to its aesthetic Components, Evdermia was convinced of the high oxygen-barrier property of Neopac’s Polyfoil, which protects the extremely oxygen-sensitive precious active substances contained in the serum.

The Swiss-made Polyfoil also features a range of other high barrier and preservation properties, including protection against light, diffusion-tight, excellent moisture barrier, high impermeability to organic and chemical substances, and resistance to corrosion.

The tube for Evdermia’s “Silken Face Serum” is a sleek nude-colored package with a metallic finish, which gives the packaging an attractive shine. As the longitudinal seam of the Polyfoil tube is invisible, the exterior surface of the tube can be printed all-around.

And even when completely emptied, the tube retains its shape.


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