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Cocktail shaker package causes a stir

Cocktail shaker package causes a stir, RPC Group, RPC Market Rasen, RPC Blackburn, packaging
UK –
Packaging designed to look and function like a cocktail shaker now enables consumers to mix their own bar-quality cocktails at home in less than 30 seconds.

Developed by RPC Containers Market Rasen and Blackburn, this packaging for Tails – a premium range of pre-mixed bar quality cocktails – greatly enhances user convenience. Consumers just have to add ice, shake and serve.

The customer brief called for a complex pack, designed by Small Fry Design Studios, which would allow consumers to experience the ritual of making and serving cocktails, bar-style.

In response, RPC Market Rasen developed a four-part injection moulded lid, which allows the cocktail to be dispensed just as it would be in a bar. The lid is assembled and then printed with a four-colour design at the Market Rasen factory.

Cocktail shaker package causes a stir, RPC Group, RPC Market Rasen, RPC Blackburn, packagingMeanwhile RPC Blackburn was approached by the brand owner to manufacture the ISBM PET base, which is decorated with a shrink sleeve. The base is induction sealed after filling to give the product tamper evidence and shelf life.

Stephen Bell, Sales Manager at RPC Market Rasen, explains, “This was a complicated development as the lid Components have to be orientated during assembly. In addition the print has to be applied in one of two positions to match up with the decoration on the shrink sleeve and the sleeve itself has to be applied to very exacting standards.”

Tails inventor Nick Wall’s vision was to allow consumers to enjoy high-quality cocktails away from bars without needing lots of skill and a large drinks cabinet.

Nick says, “Tails has turned from a dream to a reality with the help of fine ingredients, a constant drive for perfection and the work of top designers, like those at RPC who developed the packaging with us.

“Cocktails are about an experience and the ritual of shaking ingredients with ice, so the packaging from RPC allows the consumer to experience that fully.”


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