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Coke launches new pocket size 375ml PlantBottle in Britain

Coke launches new pocket size 375ml PlantBottle in Britain, Coca-Cola, packaging, Asia, UK
UK –
The brand’s first new on-the-go packaging size in almost 20 years, CocaCola Great Britain is launching the pocket size 375ml bottle across the MyCoke trilogy, CocaCola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero.

The pocket size 375ml PlantBottle plastic bottle represents the brand’s first new on-the-go pack size launch in almost 20 years and will be supported by an extensive outdoor and POS campaign.

Due to be rolled out across Great Britain and three other European markets this Spring, the launch follows a significant consumer research project into how people consume their drinks while on-the-go.

According to Coke, this in-depth three-month research programme revealed that consumers wanted a wider choice of the cola drinks they love, at the right price and at the right time. Most importantly, there was a clear desire for another option between the much loved 330ml can and 500ml bottle, which would offer additional on-the-go refreshment at an affordable price.

Zoe Howorth, Market Activation Director for Coca‑Cola Great Britain, said, “We’re pleased to be responding to consumer demand and launching our first new on-the-go pack size in almost 20 years, building on our commitment to growing the choice of CocaCola products available.

“The new 375ml MyCoke bottles offer consumers a handy, pocket size CocaCola, Diet Coke or Coke Zero to satisfy their thirst at great value.”

The 375ml pocket size will be introduced initially across major retailers in PlantBottle packaging simultaneously across the full MyCoke trilogy – CocaCola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero.

Coke’s PlantBottle packaging was launched in Britain in September 2011 in all 500ml MyCoke PET plastic bottles. The packaging is made from up to 22.5% plant-based materials and up to 25% recycled plastic. The company’s wider ambition is that all its plastic bottles will be made from a combination of plant-based materials and recycled PET plastic by 2020.

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