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New lip balm packaging design refuels femininity

New lip balm packaging design refuels femininity, Mentholatum Company, Dragon Rouge, packaging, Asia
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The Mentholatum Company’s Softlips brand of lip conditioners has undergone a makeover and now features a fresh new packaging look aimed at contemporary young adults.

Introduced in the 1980’s, Mentholaum Company’s Softlips brand of lip conditioners, introduced as a cosmetic alternative to the usual lip balm products in the market, was a big hit among the teens. But after more than 20 years, the brand owner decided that a change in packaging design was needed to reach the new younger consumers.

Brand and design consultancy Dragon Rouge was tasked to reposition the brand. Chief Creative Director Marcus Hewitt explained the problems faced by the agency: “Graphically, the packaging was looking tired and lacked impact at shelf.

“The brand name itself was rendered in a dated script and sloped down off the pack. Artificial-looking ingredient illustrations were not communicating the style or functional benefits of the product. The graduated background coloring made the packs look faded,” he added.New lip balm packaging design refuels femininity, Mentholatum Company, Dragon Rouge, packaging, Asia

Metholatum wanted a design that would appeal not only to teens but also the contemporary, young adults; a design that “fuels femininity”. Furthermore, the four product lines – a total of more than 50 flavours – had to be easier to shop, have strong shelf impact and be able to communicate the products’ benefits.

Through consumer research, Dragon Rouge identified the brand image of natural expression and its supporting graphic design tools - greater use of white crisp imagery, more confident fonts, and simpler, more contemporary cues.

Using different color and photos to differentiate each of the four lines’ specific propositions - including flavors, colors, naturals and therapeutics - the graphic design for the new blister cards feature high impact, limited depth of field photography of natural ingredients and a contemporary character that features the name of the brand stacked in two lines for maximum visual impact.

The new primary lip conditioner packaging features a slim white tube to communicate the product’s natural essence.

According to Hewitt, feedback after the relaunch in spring 2011 was “overwhelmingly positive”, with sales up.

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