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O-I launches internally embossed wine bottles in Asia Pacific

O-I launches internally embossed wine bottles in Asia Pacific, O-I, packaging, Asia, Australia
Global glass packaging converter Owens-Illinois Inc (O-I) has introduced a new variety of wine bottles that includes striking dot patterns as well as the distinctive swirling-grooves, for the Asia Pacific market.

This unique internal embossing technology from O-I, first popularized in the neck of its award-winning Vortex beer bottle, offers the wine sector the capability to create attractively distinctive decoration that stands out on store shelves while still providing a smooth exterior for easy labelling.O-I launches internally embossed wine bottles in Asia Pacific, O-I, packaging, Asia, Australia

“Internal embossing offers brand-owners the chance to create a unique point-of-interest difference through the use of innovative packaging that will capture the attention of consumers in an increasingly cluttered market,” said James Vallance, wine business manager for O-I Australia.

Marketed initially in Australia and New Zealand, O-I has manufactured two concepts for the innovative new line of wine bottles at its Adelaide plant in Australia that feature both the standout swirl and dot patterns. Other designs are available to customers wishing to seize this exceptional branding opportunity.

When the Vortex bottle launched in 2010 as part of Miller Brewing Company’s Lite range, O-I’s internal embossing technology received numerous accolades from marketing experts, the glass industry and beer drinkers alike, and was considered the most significant innovation to the long-neck beer bottle since the twist-off cap.

Building on the positive reception the bottle received for the Miller Lite brand in the U.S., O-I last year debuted the Vortex in the Asia Pacific beer market with Wahoo Premium Ale in Australia and Tui Blond Lager in New Zealand – paving the way for the emergence of future innovations in the region incorporating O-I’s internal embossing capability.

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