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Brazilian coffee packaging breaks the mould

Brazilian coffee packaging breaks the mould, NTGJ, Café Brasileiro, packaging, Asia
A coffee package in Brazil has moved away from conventional design, opting for a contemporary look that features modern colors and graphics.

Designed by Portuguese design agency NTGJ, the Café Brasileiro coffee packaging is a breath of fresh air with its minimalistic graphic design and striking colors.

"Our client asked us to design contemporary packaging that could express the modern trendy lifestyle of Rio de Janeiro without being cliché with typical tropical graphics and green &Brazilian coffee packaging breaks the mould, NTGJ, Café Brasileiro, packaging, Asia yellow colors that are usually related to Brazilian products,” explained the agency. “This brand wanted minimal graphics and strong shelf presence.”

Taking its inspiration from Brazilian icons, such as the Pão de Açucar (Sugarloaf Mountain) and the Calçadão de Copacabana pattern, NTGJ illustrated the packaging graphics in a minimal elegant way with alternating black and white curvy waves.

The brand name is presented in the Portuguese language, translating simply to ‘Brazilian Coffee’. At the top left corner of the packaging, an image of a golden medal with the words “Feito no Brazil” (meaning “Made in Brazil”) stands out.

“The typography is also modern, sans serif, and easy to identify and read," said NTGJ.

With the color palette giving the packaging a premium look, the product differentiates it from the other noisy packs on retail shelves.

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