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Laser-cut Christmas card

Laser-cut Christmas card, Iggesund Paperboard, packaging, Asia, Sweden
Paper and paperboard manufacturer Iggesund Paperboard continues its tradition of creating intricate Christmas cards to demonstrate the performance of its flagship product, Invercote – this year, it features a beautiful dual-purpose card.

Laser-cut Christmas card, Iggesund Paperboard, packaging, Asia, SwedenThis year’s Christmas card converts to a lampshade that can be used with a suitable light source to spread a pleasant glow in a room.

The shade features highly advanced laser cutting done by Point-to-Paper and printing done by Drukkerij Tielen, both from the Netherlands.

Designed by Landor, Paris, the card itself is made of Invercote Creato 300 g/m2. The card is accompanied by a custom envelope of Invercote 240 Creato g/m2.

Iggesund Paperboard is a member of the Holmen Group and one of Europe´s leading manufacturer of high quality virgin fibre paperboard for use in the packaging and graphics sectors. Headquartered in Sweden, Iggesund owns Invercote and Incada, two of the leading paperboard brands on the market.


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