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New premium energy beverage packaging revealed

New premium energy beverage packaging revealed, Premier Beverage Group, OSO Energy Beverage, Monday Collective, packaging
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Premier Beverage Group is providing the marketplace with a sneak peek of its dynamic new OSO Energy Beverage premium packaging designs, scheduled for launch in the first quarter of 2012.

The company worked with Monday Collective, a renowned brand design team in New York, on the rebranding of its line, developing a glass bottle that highlights the clarity of the liquid and its sophistication.

“Our new packaging sets us apart from the cluttered mainstream energy drink category by providing a premium, glass-bottle design that discerning customers will be glad to enjoy,” said Fouad Kallamni, President of Premier Beverage Group. “Our all-natural formula, iconic brand image, and bold identity have always been top shelf. Sophistication and exceptional quality remain OSO’s key elements.New premium energy beverage packaging revealed, Premier Beverage Group, OSO Energy Beverage, Monday Collective, packaging

“The final undertaking was designing a world-class bottle that would feature the pristine clarity of the liquid and become the premium experience that exceeds a standard energy drink.”

Rochelle Martyn, co-founder of Monday Collective, commented, "The design for OSO simply expresses the brand concept - a unique natural energy beverage with exquisite taste.

“OSO has a refined visual presence to challenge the loudness of the energy drinks market with an effortless style and sophistication. The bottle structure was custom designed to reflect its premium stature and a simple brand identity presents the name in a pure and interesting way. OSO's brand design disrupts the visual language of the energy beverage category and has an image that will connect with its style conscious consumer."

According to Kallamni, the new packaging design has created new markets for the product range: “It’s clear that energy beverages have become a significant part of the overall beverage landscape. For exclusive on-premise venues such as hotels, restaurants and clubs, canned versions of beverages are generally not considered “tableready”. For instance, while you may see Coca-Cola at the table, where it’s poured into a glass prior to being served, you rarely – if ever – see a can.

“Our new packaging provides these venues with the ability to place OSO on the table, and still maintain their high end image.”

OSO Beverages has recently completed the designs and production specifications for its glass bottle, and expects to go into production with its new line before the end of the year. Sales of the new products are expected beginning in late Q1 2012.

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