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M&S FUSE bottle goes for masculine appeal

M&S FUSE bottle goes for masculine appeal, Collcap, Marks & Spencer, packaging, Asia
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Collcap has developed the bottle packaging for Marks and Spencer's Fuse Eau de Toilette, a glass bottle with a matt metallic red finish and a weighted matt cap that represents the latest trends in men's fragrance packaging.

While the weight of the glass gives the fragrance a masculine solidity appeal, the smooth streamlined shape of the bottle ensures maximum impact to appeal to its target market. Using 2D and 3D applications, the Collcap team was able to realize the concept with minimal adjustments to the bottle to allow for the required capacity, while retaining the market's demand for shape and proportions.

Earlier in the development process of the Fuse bottle packaging, Collcap produced a working model using the latest rapid prototyping technology to give Marks and Spencer the opportunity to assess the product before tooling commenced.

The bottle was then completed with a red metallic spray covered with a silkscreen print, creating the product’s eye-catching, very modern, surface appearance.

Due to the weight of the glass bottle, Collcap recommended a beaded collar for the package and subsequently designed the inner and outer of the cap to suit this change. The solid one-piece cap was weighted in keeping with the sturdy appeal of the bottle.

The Fuse fragrance is one of many bespoke glass products developed by Collcap and brought to market in recent months. Apart from its growing portfolio of bespoke glass products, Collcap offers a wide selection of standard glass jars and bottles, and a range of plastic cosmetic packaging and tubes which rivals any in the business.

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