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Indian brand owner introduces juice product in returnable glass bottles

Indian brand owner introduces juice product in returnable glass bottles, Parle Argo, Coca Cola Company, packaging, Asia
Local food and beverage company Parle Agro is set to launch a fresh new packaging for its mango juice brand Frooti, as part of its strategy in the returnable glass bottles (RGB) segment.

The new packaging features improved graphics with a mango at the center that sports a headset that symbolizes today's technology savvy generation.

With its new packaging, Parle aims to penetrate India's US$407 million fruit-based drinks sector's rural market, which posted a growth of 60% this year.

The fruit-based drinks segment is currently dominated by the Coca-Cola fruit-drink brand Maaza, of which half of its mango-based drink is sold in returnable glass bottles (RGB).

Parle Agro joint managing director Nadia Chauhan said, "By entering into the RGB segment, we are looking at increasing our footprint in virgin territories. We expect to increase our market share with this move."

Experts say Frooti's sale in reusable bottles could be a game-changer for Parle, which will now match Coca-Cola not just with similar product packs but also enter one of Coke's biggest sales channels. Coca-Cola's Maaza currently leads in the US$407 million fruit-based drinks segment and is available in tetra packs, PET and glass bottles.

"Of the three consumption occasions-on the go, at home and on-premise consumption-Frooti has been covering the first two," said Devendra Chawla, president FMCG and Food at Future Group.

"However, the third one is significant and presence there would add more distribution touch points, sales as well as new consumers since 'Horeca' (Hotel, restaurant & cafe) is a significant channel that is primarily RGB driven," Chawla said.

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