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Innovative ‘Anti-Bottle’ water pouch launches in Australia

Innovative ‘Anti-Bottle’ water pouch launches in Australia, Packaging, Asia, Australia, US
Roxberry Group Pty Ltd recently sealed an exclusive deal to distribute an US-developed innovative water bottle-packet in Australia.

The Vapur ‘anti-bottle’ is a reusable and attachable pouch that can be rolled up and put into a pocket or bag once empty. It is targeted at consumers who wish to carry water with them, but do not want to have to continually buy water bottles when they are out.

The BPA-free product consists of three layers of plastic: the innermost layer is made of PE, which is bonded to two layers of nylon for strength and durability. The package’s Sport and Screw Caps are made of PP.

Vapur can provides flexibility in use, and can be left in the freezer, or contain hot beverages.

In addition, because it is lightweight and ships flat, it can be packed in shipment containers up to five times more than bottles, resulting in lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

According to the Vapur founders in the US, the package has also been designed to minimize paper, glue and scrap, and is printed with soy ink on wind-powered presses.Innovative ‘Anti-Bottle’ water pouch launches in Australia, Packaging, Asia, Australia, US

Levi Aron, founder of the Roxberry Group in Australia, came across Vapur at a US trade fair earlier this year. Aron then launched it Down Under at the pre-Christmas Reed Gift Fair in Melbourne, and says it was enthusiastically received.

So far 200 retail outlets, including RACV travel stores in Victoria and Adelaide, Howards Storage World, gift shops, yoga and zumba studios and even florists have agreed to stock the Vapur. Initial stockists have received their first shipments.

Aron plans to focus Vapur sales efforts on lifestyle stores and sporting and music events: “The growth of our product will be through a number of different channels. Anything to do with lifestyle and travel is on our sales map.”

Roxberyy has also customized tools such as counter stands, spinner displays and posters to ensure maximum impact. “We worked with the US business to design point of sale merchandise tailored for the Australian market,” said Aron, “as many of the American merchandising items are irrelevant for Australian retailers.”


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